UI keeps updating every few seconds


Hello everyone, hope someone can help me…
I have an app that uses firebase realtime database and authentication,
its not a very complicated app (mostly read/write to DB)

I have a Login Page and a Home Page

from my app.component I simply direct the user to the login page,
in the login page I listen for firebase auth changes, if the user logged in I send him to the Home Page
on the home page I have a list of the user’s questions and answers, each item comes from firebase db
using on child_added to update the data.

each item on the list has a sliding option with a delete button witch should delete the question/answer.

The Issue I am having is that the sliding item keeps closing immediatly, even before I finish the swipe.

so I search everywhere and seems I am the only one having this issue.
I realized after re-installing the app on a new device that the slide worked perfectly,
but after a few uses it stopped working, then I realized that if I log out of the user and re open the app and login again the slide works and if I re open the app without logging out then the app automaticly logs in with the authenticated user and the slide doesn’t work.

so I enabled the “show dispplay changes on screen” on my phone as a long shot but it help me see the problem,
so After opening the app when the user was logged out and has to login again the app goes to the home page and the screen updates a lot at first but after a few seconds it stops and updates every like 10-15 sec witch is why the slide item doesn’t close. BUT after opening the app when the user was already logged in the app goes to the HomePage (from the same code) and at first updates the ui alot but after a few seconds it slows down just a little, so the entire UI keeps updating every second! thats why the slide item keeps closing

I check everything but on both cases the app arrives at the Homepage from the same functions and code, and I cant figure out what is making the app ui refresh every second

I’ll post anything you need to help figure this out
Hope someone can help