Ui issue use case

I have a use case where I would like to have the user hold down on a list item and on hold would then show a popup square containing the img element of that list item. something similar to ionic loading. However, I am currently utilizing ionic loading at the moment for that very purpose though when a new image is posted to that list element, it will show up without being invoked any where within the application. Is there an alternative perhaps?

Also, same use case as above, when a user taps on the list element, I have a modal pop up in which the user may respond to the image though once a user enters the modal and then closes it, the user can’t delete the list element. I have the ion options for that aspect in which the user slides to reveal a delete button which doesn’t work once the modal pop ups and closes. Any remedies for the two issues would certainly be appreciated.

Something like this?

Very similar actually. Except is there an alternative to doing an alert? Ionic loading works perfectly though pops up when not needed because Im trying to make a use case it wasn’t intended for. Also, would it be possible to have a slide to delete or would the edit button option best satisfy the issue I was having with the delete functionality

Yeah you can use any thing you want, a modal even.
As for option-buttons, i’ve update the codepen to show you how that would work.

I have tried using a modal though the only issue is not the modal itself but passing in a data parameter into the url without reloading the state. if the state is reloaded, then it is logged into the navigation history and when the user presses the back arrow, they have to go back twice through the duplicate view. is there a way to add data to the url without reloading the state?

Also, the delete option works initially but then if the page is navigated away from and then back, the delete option is overridden by the ng-click or hold directives.