UI elements not responding dynamically in Ionic


I have the following code:

<ion-card [hidden]=“checkOrderCondition”>
<button ion-button full color=“green” class=“toqeyButton” (click)=“processOrder()”>Scan Toqeys

Also tried the above with ‘*ngIf’. Here the UI should dynamically respond to the value of ‘checkOrderCondition’ (true/false).

I get this working in the app when I run it in the browser (ionic serve), where I see that the UI responds dynamically to when the boolean is set through events.

However, it seems not be responding directly within iOS (on the iPhone). I first have to press another UI element to see the UI respond to the above change.

Does anyone know how this is and how it can happen like that?

see the doc on ngZone… or search… your elements are not bound to any data and if it changes in the background the UI doesn’t know…