UI Developer for data-heavy stock market app [freelance]


Hey guys,

We’re looking to build a hybrid app for stock market research and portfolio tracking, on the Ionic framework. We have the backend, functionalities figured out and developed - along with the UX and visual designs for the same.

There will be around 8-9 screens in total, 4-5 of which are quite data-heavy and will require charting/visualizations. This is excluding the onboarding, which will be quite basic. We have all our content along with the specs for all screens figured out.

We would need help with the UI dev for this. Anyone with the bandwidth to give us a fast turnaround can pls contact me at vasanthskamath [at] gmail [dot] com or reply here.



please share your details to info AT optisolbusiness.com



What backend data provider you are using?
Is it only viewing application or order can be executed from this app as well?


Tracking only.

We’ve finished the app btw :slight_smile: Launching open beta this week