Ugly ion-slide-box update delay

I’m trying to get ion-slide-box working, but I discovered some problems. My data is coming from a remote API.

My template looks like:

<ion-slide-box show-pager="true" class="ng-hide" ng-show="view.quickInit" style="height:110px">
	<ion-slide ng-repeat="(slide, page) in quickaccess">
		<div class="quickaccess row">
			<div class="col" ng-repeat="(action, quickaction) in page">
				<a href="" ng-click="executeAction(slide, action, quickaction.quickaccess)">
					<i class="icon icon-{{view.showDelete ? ' ion-wrench' : quickaction.icon}}"></i><br>{{quickaction.label}}

My controller looks like:

$scope.loadQuickaccess = function(useCache) {
		path: 'quickaccess',
		cache: useCache || false,
		animation: false,
		onsuccess: function(data) {
			var quickaccess = [];
			var width = 3;
			if(window.innerWidth > 600)
				width = 4;
			if(window.innerWidth > 1000)
				width = 5;
			for(var i=0; i<Object.keys(data).length; i+=width) {
			    quickaccess.push(data.slice(i, i+width));
			$scope.quickaccess = quickaccess;
			$scope.view.quickInit = true;

It always shows one pagination dot to much and after 1-2 seconds the correct amount of pages is shown. Any suggestions?

Do you mind throwing this into a quick codepen with some fake data?

Thats quit hard, because the project is a bit huge. My apiService does authentification, etc. I uploaded three screenshots of the code (template, css and JS). I also uploaded a video of the app in slowmotion. VIDEO

The strange thing is that the page that is getting hidden after 2 seconds is “active”.

At 0:45 in the video you can see that the elements are moving. But why? Because of col?

See here:

@mhartington any idea?

@mhartington The problem with the pagination is gone after an update to the newest version of beta 14. The animation problem is still present.

The animation is general is weird.
That video you provide, whats with the animations between tabs?
Again, even if you could fake the data being added in the slide box in a codepen, that would be very helpful

Here’s a starting point

I sent you a PM with an access.