Typescript error home page/ loginpage

By the looks of this, your pages and providers exports and also your import statements might be pointing to invalid paths.

Does your HomePage have something like:

export class HomePage {


Have you imported homepage and authservice in your app component.ts and module.ts file !!




if I guess wright, than red underline shows the errror and it seems, as said before, that export for HompePage is not correct. So take look how export of HomePage looks.

If red underline is the failure, than for Authservice it seems that path or typo is not correct.

Think about, if you a windows user, that upper lower case counts also on a windows developer maschine.

If you are sure that there is no typo or wrong Path etc. delete content of your www folder and build by ionic serve again. Sometimes this helps by “failures”.
Best regards, anna-liebt

Edit: Depending on which editor you use, there is maybe an extension available for autocomplete imports, etc.