Two Problem with Sidemenu App

Hi All,
In my app I have 2 problem with side menu and content, First one is that in devices with Jelly Bean KitKat menus and single post of Posts are appear very well in dragging page from Right to Left side menu also appears but if I drag single post page scroll to left (I hope i could say what I mean)
first screenshot:

second screenshot:

first screenshot is about something like playlist and second screenshot is about that’s single page which I dragged it to Right and it shows that it has scrolled.

Second Problem is that in Ice Cream platforms and even in computer test mode with Chrome after backing from single post to posts list something like flashing happens and in a moment after showing posts list then everything disappears.

I found why these two problem happen As you see I use non-English language for standard view I used right to left RTL direction in body tag and this problem was occurred. Persian (all Indo-Iranian languages ) and Arabic languages are written from right to left.

May be direction style misplaced and caused this problem I had to check how to solve this style problem.