Two handlers for Push message

I am using PushPlugin to receive push notifications for my app from the JavaScript. And I am also using another in-app chat plugin which also user push notifications for the chat in its java code.

Both works fine, my angular app.js as well as the chat plugin both registers for GCM whenever the app opens and both receives the push message whenever there is a new push message receives. Based on the payload data in the message the operations are done accordingly.

But is it ok to have two registrations for GCM and two handlers for push message receiving? Can I continue with the same or do I need to make any customization with the plugin?

Its okay. If your conditions are working, when which handler makes something.
So no prob i think.

There is no problem, when you try to register multiple devices at gcm.
if you are using the same google-api-project and apikey…

But maybe you can register your device manual at gcm and using both plugins… so you would avoid double registration.
But i do not know how the plugins are working.
If they are storing the gcm token somewhere or if they only make sure that the device is registered at gcm.

Hey! May I ask you which in-app chat plugin are you using, that allows user push notifications?