Two apps, one I can build another I get: No provisioning profiles matching error

Hi guys.

I’m using package feature and getting this error:


Check dependencies
Code Sign error: No matching provisioning profiles found: No provisioning profiles matching an applicable signing identity were found.


after I run the command: ionic package build ios --profile development_y

I’ve two apps (MobileApp X and MobileApp Y) and two security profiles as well at and I can build MobileApp X to iOS using package feature but when I try to compile MobileApp Y I always get the above error.

I’m able to generate the iOS app using development_x security profile, which is pretty similar to development_y but with a few different configurations.

About my security profile, certs and stuff:

  1. .p12 is the same for both (as the password, of course)
  2. .mobileprovision is specific for each project
  3. I generated development_x security profile first
  4. I generated development_y security profile after using the same cert and apple account but with a different .mobileprovision

I would love to understand what is going on.

Can you help me, please?


If the development provision had a specific app id: com.mycompany.appname, it will only work for that app. Instead, you want to generate a wildcard development provision/cert: com.mycompany.* which will support any app. This is only for development, distribution will still need a specific signing key.

Look on the apple site about using wildcards.


Thanks Chris.

I’ve two provision profiles because I’ve two different apps, one for and another one for The appx works perfectly, but the appy doesn’t…

I also tried to create a wildcard but it doesn’t allows Push Notification (which is pretty weird, but…) and I’ll need it in future for both apps.

I just can’t understand why works for appx and doesn’t for appy :frowning: