[tutorial] How to create directive for logic gate OR

Hi all developers and programmers. I have written a short blogpost “How to create directive for logic gate OR”.

This tutorial is for beginners, it is NOT the profi solution :-), I suppose it is clear and undestandable.

The goal is to create the directive, both SVG picture and logic function, which represents logic gate OR. The inputs should be assigned from outside the directive (button, toggle, variable); the gate then reacts if the input(s) change(s).

At the end of this tutorial there is a link to my android app Boolean Lab where the directive is implemented.

some advice:

without code highlighting and line numbers it makes really no sense to write coding blogposts with large codeblocks.
They are the key-information and they are not that readable.
I do not know if there are any plugins for blogspot. Maybe you should use wordpress or something instead