Trying to get ':id' from url for web app


I’ve been struggling trying to get a shortened ID from a url for my ionic webapp. Sounds simple, but I’ve tried doing deeplinks and @IonicPage and I can never parse the url string for that ID. Also trying to do it without the ‘#’ symbol makes it even more challenging.

To get a sense of what I’m doing:

Trying to parse abcd123 from the url ''. Everytime I do it, i get a ‘Cannot ‘GET’ /abcd123’ error screen.

I do want to parse the url on the base login screen since that is the page they see if they aren’t authenticated. So one thought is maybe I’m applying it wrong, since the MyApp component is the base component, but the root page within it is my login, so I have no clue where on how to structure my ionic ‘routes’

Anybody solved this problem before?