Trying to get a scrollable amcharts legends div inside a card

I am using amCharts with ionic on android, and testing with ionic serve. In amCharts, a graph can be attached with a div containing legends. In my old web app, I had set style to the legend div as “max-height:xyz, overflow-y: auto” so that in the stray case where there were way too many data legends, the vertical space did not get totally chewed up.

But when I use the same thing inside an ionic “card item”, the vertical scrollbar shows up but is not actionable, and looks like a browser scrollbar (thick). Holding and dragging pans the whole card list, not merely scroll within the legends div.

I can’t see the amcharts source code but I can see that it is inserting some SVG elements in there.

How do I get an actionable scrollbar to a div that is actionable? the chart lives in a card item, which lives in a card list, which in turn is inside ion-content.Thanks.