Hi all,

I’ve started adding support for some of the (currently) cordova only features of the framework. Specifically I’ve started porting the ionic-plugin-keyboard and also now identify as a webview platform. This means i’ve created two repos:

  1. Ionic fork for webview support: (both master and a beta13 branch have been updated and a PR is pending)
  2. Ionic Plugin Keyboard port to

Early stages still so if anyone wants to help that would be great. And of course if you need the keyboard niftiness in a project - you have a starting place.


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Great work, thanks!

I tried your repo but my app won’t route. I am having the same trouble now, if you can help that would be great.



Hi Francis,
I take it you are trying my fork of the ionic project? (not the keyboard plugin)

Firstlt the trigger code was just merged into drifty’s master, so I recommend taking from there instead as I will stop stop maintaining my branch.

Secondly trigger support isnt all that complicated and almost certainly wouldn’t cause controllers to stop loading. It suggests you may be having another problem. What error are you seeing in the console? Can you post the problem code here or into a codepen.


I am sorry, I meant I had a routing problem, I corrected my previous post. The controllers have no problem. I don’t see any error in the console, except a js warning from the ionic bundle file.

Issue is in whitelisting the content:// url.

The compile provider has a url sanitization filter

.config(function($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider, $compileProvider) {


That should should solve it. Do you want to add that to your fork in the app.js file?