Trigerring the password saving by Google when loging In

Hello, I have a problem with the password saving system on my Ionic 5 / Vue.js 3 application (it will only be used on Android devices) :
The Google pop-up as in the image above is not shown at the right moment.
It sometimes doesn’t show up at all, or it is triggered when I press the system “Home” or “Recent app” Android buttons.

Here is a snippet of my Login.vue component.

 <form method="post" @submit.prevent="handleSubmit" autocomplete="on">
          <ion-item lines="full">
            <ion-label position="floating">Email</ion-label>
            <ion-input name="email" v-model="email" type="email" pattern="email" required autocomplete="email"
              inputmode="email" @blur="v$.email.$touch"></ion-input>

          <ion-item lines="full">
            <ion-label position="floating">Password</ion-label>
            <ion-input name="password" v-model="password" :type="passwordType" pattern="password" required
              autocomplete="current-password" minLength="8" maxLength="16" @blur="v$.password.$touch"
            <ion-button class="custom-hide" slot="end" @click="hideShowPassword()">
              <ion-icon :icon="hidePassword ? eyeOutline : eyeOffOutline"></ion-icon>

          <ion-button class="login-button" @click="handleSubmit" 
            type="submit" :disabled="!isAllowedSubmit"
            color="primary" expand="block">


I’m using the @vuelidate/core library for form validation.
In the handleSubmit function, I look for errors, then if there is no error, I navigate to my Home page.

async handleSubmit() {
   this.isAllowedSubmit = false;
   if (this.v$.$error) {
      setTimeout(() => {
         this.isAllowedSubmit = true;
     }, 1000);
   else {
      //API call, no problem here
      const tryLogin = await this.submitForm();
      if (tryLogin) {
         await this.router.replace("/logged");
         await this.router.push("/modules/home");

Any help would be welcomed!

I posted the question on StackOverflow too : android - Trigerring the password saving by Google when loging In - Stack Overflow

up :cry:

Help, anyone ?