Translation after startup


I want to use an internationalized side menu theme.
This works great for all the pages except for the start-page. There the initial key of the 118n localization file is displayed. After a reload of the page, the string is substituted correctly to the translation.

Keys are loaded like:

          ).subscribe(value => {
            // set our app's pages
            this.pages = [
              { title: value[0], component: Page1 },
              { title: value[1], component: Page2 }

It’s hard to tell not seeing the full start page code.

As far as I can recall, forJoin currently has a bug. Can you try with .zip operator?

My solution is to wait after platform ready and only then set the startpage. Not sure if it should be like that:

this.platform.ready().then(() => {
this.rootPage = StartComponent;