Transition of Views

I am creating an app where my client requires - a template to enter from right to left and while leaving the same view should leave from top to bottom (slide-down-out)

is that possible ?

Please help ?

Technically yes. Though standard views can’t do that for now nor have I seen a 3rd party implementation you could, depending on your requirements, use a modal view which technically looks like a normal view and can use this Ionic modal animation plugin.

Thanks Gajotres … trying to use what you mentioned …

Hi Gajotres ,

The solution you referred does not give the exact result as the requirement is like this:

On First page (view) there are 4 list items - each is bound with a route.

When a list is tapped - the route enters from RIGHT - this is correctly happening

The current view has a button that should take him to the First Page again. Now the requirement is when this button is tapped - the current view would slide down and reveal the Front Page behind …

The modal implementation brings the view and hides from the same direction

How to get rid of that ???

Any help ??