Transform object in array

 socket.on('test-channel:Comanda\\Events\\EventName', function (message) { 
                $scope.mesa = message;

try $scope.mesa =

try $scope.mesa =;

$scope.mesa =;

Thanks for replying but I tried the 2 ways and still get errors

$scope.mesa =; you tried this and got clientOrderCtrl not defined??

try $scope.mesa = and console.log($scope.mesa);

in your console [assuming that you have done console.log(message) ] you have an object with property data and value of data is an array. thats the reason i told you to use

"collection-repeat expected an array for 'mesa' "
and the array is in the the in your case:

so try : $scope.mesa =;
and it will work fine.

thanks for help problem was solved

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glad I could help :slight_smile: