Transfer multiple files in one REST call?


Hello, I have been playing around with the native file transfer plugin and I can upload images from the camera on a Android device to a persistant BLOB storage on Azure cloud. The way I did that was like this:

      fileTransfer.upload(filepathOnDevice, '',myOptions)
        .then((data) => {
          //do something
      }, (err) => {
          //do something

Now, in my application I am trying to submit a form with a body to my REST service and I want the posibility to send a bunch of images or files stored on the device with the form. I would like for this to all happen in one REST call and therefore I have to send all my images all at once to the REST service.

So if a user selects for example 2 images, I want both images to be send along with the form. Right now I have to use fileTransfer.upload to upload files/images one by one. Is it possible to upload a list of files rather than one file to the REST service?