Track user sharing activity

Hey, guys. How’re you doing?

I’m building a social-video-like app with the latest version of Ionic and firebase, using visual studio code for mac.
One of the main features of my app is giving the users the ability share videos other user have posted, either sharing to their profile in the app or sharing to their own social media profile. Each time they do so, they earn a coin directly to their wallets.

The goal is to track user’s activity so we can know if they have really finished the sharing process and returned to the app before giving them the coin.

Is it something possible to do via API or something to observe if the user is really sharing the content?

I hope I’ve made myself clear with this topic. I’m just a beginner in angular and ionic world, so please be patient if you can :slight_smile:

Thanks! Cheers,

Hi @niconovaes did you find a solution for this one? Id like to also integrate this feature on my app

Hey, @Jester12 not yet, unfortunately. It’s being more like a headache than I expected.
I’ll let u know if I get somewhere with this.