Top Title Margin

I am testing my app in ionic view but top title doesn’t come right.

This is how its showing (which is wrong)

And this is how this should come (which is right)

How do i fix this issue, anyone please advice.


hi ,
check this topic

Hello, Thanks for the reply but i dont find ios.json file in plugins or anywhere is whole project folder … please note i am on Windows 8.1 … what to do?

You could also set a preference in config.xml:

<preference name="StatusBarOverlaysWebView" value="false"/>

I added this in config.xml still not working … :frowning: … what can be the issue, any other way?


try to install 2 plugins

  1. cordova plugin add org.apache.cordova.device
  2. cordova plugin add org.apache.cordova.statusbar

and read this docs for more instructions


Hey, thanks again for your reply, i installed both the plugins and did exactly described in the document but for me its still not working … i don’t know whats wrong but thanks a million for all your help, really appreciated … can i send you www folder to see whats wrong? only if possible.

you can ,

i did a little research and its more a cordova thing then ionic .
if you have xcode you can follow this link;

if you dont have try follow this link i didnt try ;

Hey guys, so this is actually an issue with the view app. Some more detail can be found here.

So the padding will be applied correctly if you were to test the app not in the view app.
Until the app store approves the update, it’s something you have to deal with.
Sorry for the inconveniences

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Hi @mhartington and thanks for the info … i almost got mad in banging my head into it … @ItamarCohen thank a lot for all your help and time.