Toggle slide-box "does-continue"

I’m currently building a slide-box with a large number of items. I’ve taken the code from the example outlined here What should I do if I want to show thousands of pages in a slide-box for an infinite number of items, and it’s working well.

However as I actually have a large, yet limited number of items, I would like to make the slide box stop looping once I get to the end of my collection. As the above implementation relies on a circular buffer, my go-to method would be to simply toggle the “does-continue” property on or off depending on where I am in the larger collection.

Is there a way to do this? I can’t seem to locate a method on the slide box delegate which would allow such a behaviour, and it doesn’t appear that I can bind a boolean expression to the does-continue attribute in the HTML either.

Surely there must be a way, even without touching “does-continue”.
Do you actually know in advance what is that limited number of items?