Toggle Menu question (newbie)

Hi, I am pretty new, so I apologize if this is a naive question. I am building a simple budgeting app, using the tabs template.

I am trying to have a toggle menu button go to a side menu, but I am running into issues because my URL all go to the tab/budget (below):

This is my app.js:


This is my controller:

I am trying to open the menu.html tab from my main budget tab (tab-budget.html).

Please let me know whether you could help me in anyway. Thank you!

Best wishes,

I think the simpler question is how do I get the “tabs” and “side menu” together in Ionic? I chose the “Tabs” template, but need the “Side bar” as well. Thank you!

Perhaps a larger question is whether you’re trying to use Ionic v1 or v2. You originally posted this tagged “Ionic 2”, but since the code looks like v1, I moved it.

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Not sure having both tabs and a menu is the greatest idea, but it should be a matter of making tabs a child of the menu state, and then all your other views a child of the tabs state…depending on your UI…

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