Toggle content scroll from controller

How can I toggle scroll in my content directive?
I’ve modified the starter template to demo what I want to achieve, it’ in the side menu:

If it will not work this way, I’m going to make a new layout.

If I understand correctly, you want to toggle the side menu with a click on the list item right? Well I’ve accomplished that by doing


on my side menu controller, of course you’ll have to inject the $rootScope to the controller.
I tried editing your plunker, but for some reason, the sideMenuController is directly in the scope like this


so you have to test that in your actual development environment. Hope that helps.

Let us know if that works, @cata_rock!

No, I want to disable the scroll of the <content> from the controller, by setting a property “true” or “false” and then assigning it to the scroll attribute of it.

But I’m almost sure that it isn’t possible after looking at the code. So I rewrote my layout, it was the fastest way.