Title from ion-nav-view is missing sometimes

I have 3 views (login without header bar, home has header and reports view also has header).

The flow is :

  • I’m going to login page and verify the user status (in login controller ). If he has a facebook token I will redirect him to home page.

Something weird is happening on homepage: sometimes the title in header bar is missing. But if I will go to reports page and come back to home everithing will work fine …the title appears and remain there.

I noticed that if I start the app with an existing token to be redirected directly to homepage I will have 2 divs nav block in DOM.

  1. one of them cached (this has the Title value)
  2. one of them Active (this will be with no Title)

What is happed ? From where I have 2 header bar ??

Any ideea ?

It could be related to this thread, if you’re using the view-title attribute. Try using the ion-nav-title directive instead, for the time being.

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Thanks ! I’ll take a look . I’m using just title=“Just a Title” on ion-view