Tips Required for New App ionic 2

hi i need to develop app where a user should be able to click on the station name of London Underground Public transport map and should be able to see departures or plan journey
The question is . Do you think i can develop it in iconic because there are numbers of stations randomly distributed on the screen over straight lines crossing each other.
i was thinking if we can have image of the map on the screen and then i can place buttons on each station. but it seems not possible.
can you please give some hint what to read in order to do it
how to put many inputs on the screen randomly by using ionic 2
Thanks in advanced

Isn’t this the standard use case for a “map”?

Have you checked the google maps cordova plugin ?

Thanks for the reply. Well thats the last option to use google map it might be possible. But i have a custom image with straight lines having small dots representing stations. I need to capture input on those stations if user click. to show them respective journey with reference to touched station.

A custom image needs custom solutions :slight_smile: I think you have to capture mouse clicks and determine by position which station the user clicked and act accordingly. You don’t need a google map for this.