Tinymce failed to load skin.min.css in android

I am using angular2-tinymce library to work with tinymce editor for android in my project. It is perfectly working in browser using ionic serve. But when i tried to run in android, skin.min.css file is not loaded and as a result, tinymce editor is not there in the app.

In my project src folder:

enter image description here

And in my project platforms folder:

enter image description here

maybe it helps, when you import your css into app.scss like

@import '../assets/bla';

Best regards, anna-liebt

I had to override the skin path(skin_url) of TinymceModule to load the css files from assets folder in android.

  declarations: [
  imports: [
      skin_url: 'assets/tinymce/skins/lightgray' // Need to provide a fixed path