Timestamp in chat application - iOS Style

We are implementing a chat view in our application and have a desire to show timestamps for each messages in the same fashion that iOS does : http://www.tuaw.com/2013/09/20/ios-7-see-the-timestamp-on-every-messages-bubble/

Has anyone done this before or have tips on how we could do it? I would prefer to not clutter up the UI with always visible timestamps for each message.

Made a simple example of this.

Not 100% a copy of iOS, but pretty damn close.

Thanks. I ran it quick in the browser and it looks good. Is there an option to show/hide on drag or should I not waste my time trying?

You could get close with on-swipe directives.

but for a 1:1 drag on ios, you’d need to do some more work

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Hi can you help with adding inside chat bubble timestamp in ionic app?

any updates with this?