Timepicker with minuteValues: Select 00 without changing the value

Hi, I’m using the timepicker in a popover with minuteValues="0,15,30,45". When opening it the first time, I always have to change one of the values to get a value. So far not really a problem, but when selecting a hour value, and letting the minutes 00 to get a full hour, it takes the minutes from the actual time, e.g. 9:16 . I’ve to change the minute-scroller to another value and then back to 00 to get a full hour, e.g. 9:00 . Is there a way to prevent this?

<ion-input>{{ startTime | date:'HH:mm' }}</ion-input>
       <ion-popover trigger="startTime" show-backdrop="true" [arrow]="false">
                 <ion-datetime #popoverDatetime presentation="time" mode='ios'
                      (ionChange)="startTime = popoverDatetime.value" [(ngModel)]="startTime"