Timeout error on ionic resources splash

i’m using the latest ionic cli
ionic cordova resources ios --splash
give me this error :
Error: timeout of 25000ms reached for https://res.ionic.io/api/v1/transform
*generating platform resouces: 1/12 complete - failed
my internet is low . but i can’t increase the speed, so how can i solve this error?

I also have the same issue. I am on a slow connection with no chance of increasing the speed, so how can I increase the timeout limit?

Moving to the cloud for this is ridiculous. The old method worked perfectly fine locally and I could use high-resolution files no problems.

Now I can’t even use a 780kb png for my splash screen…

I am boycotting the v3 CLI until this is resolved. I should not have to sign up for an Ionic Cloud account for core functionality.

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only way to workaround it is to optimize the file size of the splash and icon images. Or get into a decent high speed Internet connection.

alas, living in a backwards society with poor internet, higher speeds are not possible where I live

Then try optimizing the splash image as best as you can.

Is the code behind ionic resources public? I would absolutely love to see a version of it that runs locally. I have always hated that it needed to upload things to Ionic servers, and it is exponentially worse with CLI3 now that it tries to force me to sign up for an account I don’t want.

If anybody else feels similarly, please chime in on cli #2331.

you can always try

How is that fork better than the original?

it runs locally with imagemagick

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i downgrade the version of cli to 2.1.15 and the splash and icon work fine.

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It doesn’t look like it generates the mipmap paths for android icons. I wonder if that’s a problem.

You shouldn’t have to go back that far. 2.2.3 should be fine.

yes it’s not important to go back so far, i should downgrade to 2.2.3 .
I’m waiting to the latest version to fixed then i will updrade my version

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I fear that the latest version will never be “fixed” as I define it, which means not asking me to sign up for an account that I have no need for.

it’s good for ionic , so when people see that they need to sign up they may not continue, which lead to minimize the number of people that minimize the loads.
and because of that signup method ionic can know each person if every day he generates for icons and splash , they can put a limit for him or interupt him.
don’t forget that every thing is free. ionic pay

I could not possibly disagree with you more strenuously, and if Ionic requires accounts (I don’t care if they cost money), their claim to be a free and open source framework is completely bogus.

If they cut off whatever mechanism still works with the v2 CLI for generating resources, I am done with Ionic.