Thumbs-up-outline is not visible in android

Anybody had issues using the thumbs-up-outline icon not displaying in Android device? I am not able to make them display when I choose Galaxy S5 or Nexus5X. Same issue I had when the app was deployed to Google app store.

<ion-icon ios="ios-thumbs-up-outline" md="md-thumbs-up-outline" class="custom-icon"></ion-icon>

<ion-icon name="thumbs-up-outline"></ion-icon>

There doesn’t seem to be a md-thumbs-up-outline. See below. Try using md="ios-thumbs-up-outline" if you want - I haven’t tried it, but it may work.

20 PM

The problem is with android devices. The thumbs-up-outline does not work.

<ion-icon name="thumbs-up-outline"></ion-icon>

Try to use inside of <button>

Like that:

          <button ion-button  class="custom-icon">
                <ion-icon name="ios-thumbs-up-outline"></ion-icon>

Right, you need to use the iOS prefix. This works on a real android device

<ion-icon name="ios-thumbs-up-outline"> You can see this on android </ion-icon>

I tested on a Moto G+ (N7)