Three tabs and side menu only on one tab?



I am trying to implement tabs (no problems, it works), but I need to have side menu on one tab only. I am not able to implement it. I have searched forum, but without success.

So, I know that I need to define state of the tab (where side menu will be) as abstract state, it is clear. But I have no idea what should be inside that template exactly (I know how to use side-menus, side-menu, side-menu-content). But, mix it together seem to me as a strange thing.

Anybody help me?


I find $ionicSideMenuDelegate has an method named canDragContent(), hope it can help you.


Thank for reply, but… I know how to use tabs. I know how to use side menu.
The problem is how to put it working together: three tabs, two without side menu, only one tab with side menu. I have no idea what should be done to work it.


I See, I have an idea, you can listen slip events, in particular the tab to decide whether to display or show side menu. sorry for my English.


Here is a demo with tabs and banner in each tab, the banner can scroll to left or right with gesture. So the banner gesture conflict with tabs, so I handle like this:

$ionicGesture.on('drag', function(evt) {
  if (evt.gesture.direction == 'left' || evt.gesture.direction == 'right') {
    // find a dom on the tab page
    var isInBanner = ng.element('banner-image-wrapper');
    if (!isInBanner) {
      isInBanner = ng.element('banner-image-wrapper');
    //freeze side menu

    if (evt.gesture.velocityX > 0.1 && !isInBanner) {
  } else {
}, ng.element(document));



I am glad you help me. The problem is, I don’t undestand your answer. I have no idea what you mean by “banner”; your code is a part of the whole solution, right? But I miss the context.

Nobody knows how to implement side-menu on one tab only?


Anybody help me solving this problem?