This site can’t be reached

Hello guys , I built a website using ionic 4 , when i uploaded the website online it worked fine , but when i refresh the page it becomes this site can’t be reached .

when the browser loads the website the 1st time it works , but when it loads it again the error comes " this site can’t be reached ".

Thank you

Hello !! , can anyone answer ?

post the screenshot with code

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Finally someone replied,

Here’s a screenshot when it loads the 1st or when i do hard refresh ( shift + F5 )

and Here’s the error when i reload it normally , or open the website again in the same browser:

The problem was in manifest.webmanifest file :
" start_url " was “/” , i had to fix it cuz the website was in a sub directory , so it becomes
“start_url” : ‘/BridgeDZ/index.html’

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