This Picture Wont Load please help

Im not even sure if this is the right place to put here but the images on my program wont toadimage

Try loading it from the assets folder instead. e.g. src="…/assets/"

so like
<img src="./resources/BoredomLogo.png/assets/" align="middle" alt="BoreDom Logo Here" style="width:100px;height:100px;padding: 15px 20px;display: block; margin: 10px auto;" />

or move the picture to an assets folder and do

<img src="./assets/BoredomLogo.png/" align="middle" alt="BoreDom Logo Here" style="width:100px;height:100px;padding: 15px 20px;display: block; margin: 10px auto;" />

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Pictures to be displayed in the app belong into the “assets” folders, so #2.

thanks this is my first time ever even posting in a forums im a newb about this lol but i changed it here

but it still wont load for som reason it shows the BoreDom Logo Here alt like here

but i found something weird when i do the ctrl+click to follow the link the picture shows unloaded for whatever reason but when i go to the folder its held in and click on the picture it loads correctly i dont understand why also not sure if its important but the picture is transparent if that has anything to do with this not loading correctly

What is the actual path of the image you can load?

(We prefer people posting their code as text by the way, not screenshots)

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place your image under “assets” folder and

<img src="assets/whatevertheimagename.png">

sorry i feel like im just keep doing the wrong thing lol but here
thats the actual path it lets me see the picture when i click on it but in my code i have
and it shows an unloaded picture but it opens the same exact file so if i click out and click on it on the side bar it loads
ya in the picture @madm0x you can see its under the assets folder in the login folder where all the stuffs happening or should it just be under the assets under the project folder

Can you rightclick the not loaded image and “Open in new tab” or something like that? When you are loading the app via localhost:8100 you should not get a C:/Users... path at all.

use the assets folder under \BoreDom-ionic\src\assets , useless to have an assets folder for every page

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the relative path in www will be directly "assets/… "

no it,s like in the program under open editors where i see that full path in grey text but i cant right click it
and @Madm0x when i have it try to link to the assets folder straight from boredom-ionic i get an erorr message saying its not there and would you like to create one so i have to use the one in the login folder… also is there any way to send these messages quicker or maybe like a pm or group pm cause waiting 15 minutes is kinda annoying

when using assets folder (the one under the ur project), don’t “./assets/” , do “assets/” directly

i still get this error maybe im doing something wrong

assets under src … my bad

and idk about the VSC errors.

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i love you ty so much