Thinking in Ionic - the ideal design to develop workflow


I was looking at React as alternative to Angular and came across this great recipe to design to develop your app.

Basically, I believe this way of working also applies to Ionic/Angular, Ionic/React, Ionic/Vue as well (with a bit of imagination).

And after reading through the docs, I not only learned above and more about React - which is fun.

I also learned to love Angular even more :smile:



Have you been using React, or just now starting to look into it?


just looking. I am not compelled to use it. But as many say, it seems to be just a matter of flavor. Some like Pepsi Cola and some like Coca Cola. They serve same purpose

I am trying React Native right now, to see how it generates an app.


Yeah, different strokes. I put a little time into react native. I liked some aspects of it. Always fun to try something new. But I found the process of learning jsx to be a total buzzkill.

I wasn’t up to the task at the time. From what I did put together, the performance is quite good. Good luck!