Thick border appearing in form list on Android 4.4.4


Hi all,

I’m having issues with forms on my Android device - here is a photo of what happens:

The code is just a standard form using the format:

  <label class="item item-input">
    <input type="text" placeholder="First Name">
  <label class="item item-input">
    <input type="text" placeholder="Last Name">
  <label class="item item-input">
    <textarea placeholder="Comments"></textarea>

<label class="item item-input item-select">
    <div class="input-label">
      <option selected>Green</option>

I appear to get random borders which are thicker than others, for example around ‘Comments’. This doesn’t happen on CodePen or ionic serve so it just appears to be a device issue. This is using Android version 4.4.4 with a Samsung Galaxy Active Tab.


Have you tried it on an emulator/different device?


Yes, it appears to work on Android 5.0, but I’m not sure my device can update to that.