Theme color is not changing in ionic in ios 16.4 and above

Changing theme color inside app by using dynamic css stylesheet… the changes are not working with IOS v16.4 and 16.5. this issue is dependent on specific OS and we are not able to inspect or debug the particular issue in safari after updating the ios version to 16.4
The same css changes are working on IOS v16.3 and below.

Technology used to build app:

@ionic-native/core”: “^5.34.0”,
@ionic/angular”: “^5.5.2”,
@ionic/cli”: “^6.16.3”
@capacitor/ios”: “^3.5.1”,
@angular-devkit/core”: “^14.2.11”,

What does this mean? Show an example of what your trying to do.

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onclick of a checkbox we are trying to change the color of the app or theme of the app in ios 16.4 but the color or theme of the app is not changing
but it is getting changed in ios 16.3
for example–if we had a title header color in the app as blue after enabling the checkbox the title header color does not change to green it stays blue only in ios 16.4 and above