The v1 guide seems to be out of date with v1.3 and/or the starter template

Firstly, using v2 is not an option at this stage. Everything below refers to 1.3.2.

Ive tried to follow the guide here:

But run into problems at chapter 3 and 4.

When running ionic start todo blank as per the guide, it pulls the template from here:

The first issue seems to be that it already contains the files www/index.html and www/js/app.js contrary to what the guide seems to imply under Chapter 3: Starting your app. I thought this is no big deal as I simply replaced the content of these files with what is instructed in this chapter.

However, when I run ionic serve it only displays a plain text heading (“Todo Projects”) and nothing else. There’s no formatted top bar as in the picture under Chapter 4, nor is there a side menu.

I then tried to delete all files under /www/, and only create the files and folders instructed in Chapter 3, however this resulted in the same problem.

Has the ionic-starter-blank template been modified to not work with the v1 guide anymore, or has changes in 1.3 rendered the guide broken?

This seems extremely basic and i’m surprised I couldn’t find anything on this when searching. I’m guessing I might just be doing something wrong on my end? (I should also mention that the template at seems to work fine before I modify it per the guide.)

Is there any guides out there that are still working for V1?