The NFC-reader wrapper doesn’t work in secundary tab

I’m using the code from nfc-reader wrapper and works perfectly if it is implemented in the controller of the first tab of IONIC tab sample (

I have three tabs with three controllers(DashCtrl, ChatsCtrl and AccountCtrl). If the following code is used in the DashCtrl, the NFC-reader works fine, but when I pass code to the ChatsCtrl doesn’t work. Does anyone have an idea why it happens ?

the code is:

app.controller("ChatsCtrl", function($cordovaNfc, $cordovaNfcUtil){


        //Use the plugins interface as you go, in a more "angular" way
            //Callback when ndef got triggered
        //Success callback
            console.log("bound success");
        //Fail callback

        console.log( nfcUtil.bytesToString("some bytes") )