The life without Ionic

I guess we are not going to be agree, better stop it here then

Have fun


Did you try support?

Ionic official support goes trhough that, not the forum.

E.g. creator roadmap and devapp (closed source) are difficult to answer by community volunteers

They updated the android app to fix that device ready event but I don’t tested it yet.

No, we did not.
Thanks for the suggestion. If I can get some positive feedback I will post it on the open questions about this subject.
When a forum question on a repeated demand is well asked, support staff gets less inquiries.

What other framework would you guys choose?

I found out Google has Flutter framework for building Android and iOS. It uses Google’s Dart language.

NativeScript seems to be pretty slow and it lacks styles and components.
React Native seems to be good but React’s code will not be usable in any other project.
Weex seems to be still under development and will never see the light in few years.

I’m studying Android Studio, XML, Java…

Tried React Native but I didn’t really see much benefit in learning a second “hybrid” language / framework. Only on a personal level, that is. So I gave it up pretty quickly.

I use Android Studio, Ionic, and pure Angular for web stuff. I figure if I’m going to take time to learn another skill set, it may as well be native iOS.

At this point in life, though, the thought of taking on any new frameworks etc. instantly exhausts me.

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React seems to be fast and good … and many jobs are available for it but I feel it’s far from usual html5 web development we can do on angularJS, angular 5, vue.js.

Android Studio, Ionic & Capacitor, Swift will be my toolset of choice as well.


React did seem to be a really good option. When I decided to start programming, I didn’t know of it’s existence.

If I had, and also knew what I know now, I think I would choose React over Ionic.


I just made my first cordova plugin - implemented Mobile Vision API on still images under android (face / text / qr code).

IOS implementation on the way, and additionally from camera source also.

On Hibrid app there is a problem with special frames, so i’m passing the still image from an html5 canvas to the background.

On camera very likely i will start two process, one is showing on html 5 canvas, but not sending back, the background process without view check the stream. I hope it’s achievable.

At least it will be good for qr code, far better than the zing one (on code quality also - there is no frame hacking), i need to test the limitation of face recognition. As a side effect probably it cannot process low quality blurred image. (so i don’t need to code it, and i very likely don’t need to code whether the photo is too dark)

There is an another plugin for mobile vision, but it’s unfinished and the approach is the native frame one.

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Joan has been checking all to send the question but he did not find any contact option to Ionic official support other than those we already tried (github, SO and this forum.) out of enterprise support option.
I feel ashamed even to mention, but hope you were not kidding.
Sorry but I feel very disappointed with some moderator’s behavior.

Type the following words in the following search engine:

Words: ionic support

As mentioned earlier, this forum is volunteer based, including the moderator (at least some of them). So plse do a reality check on your expectations on them.

Tell me how this works out for you. I get good/fast responses from ionic official support

Otherwise happy to share my search result


Yes, you are kidding me.

For members with a honest interest on how Ionic official suport works, an issue about File object constructor was opened two days ago and still on “triage” tag. It is necessary to remark that those two days are on a weekend and must be discarded from the time count.

Have fun.

In my language words “moderator” and “mediator” have similar meaning and both jobs need smart people to honor the responsibility.
It is much like a local policeman who misunderstands his attributes and use them for mobbing purposes. Periodically rethink oneself role and take care of the chosen option is a must on public servants.
Even when plain citizens could show their frustration, mediators should meditate on complaints causes, as people does not usually claim without motivation.
Those who does not have the patience, temperance and empathy needed should review or quit from their job.
All this written as it seems some writers on this post are more on justification than on understand feedback from lower activity or recent users, and throw to waste bin a fresh -and so, valuable- point of view on the tool that deep users could loose.

Member = Moderator in your world?
Or did I miss understand and you don’t see @Tommertom as a Moderator.
His Trust level is member the same as my and as your trust level. Are you a Moderator, too?
The only Moderators I know are the people in the moderators group like @Sujan12

PS: Please keep calm. :wink:
And I understand your mad, because nobody answered on your issue. But do you pay anybody to answer you or for Ionic? If not you have no real reason to complain.

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I just found Vue.js version NativeScript:

It can build a native mobile app using Vue.js… it sounds interesting although its community is really small yet.

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Not at all.
And not seeing @Tommertom as a moderator. Neither you.
And my reason to complain is not visible on this post.
And I’m not complaining for any unanswered question.
And I didn’t paid nobody for asking my questions.
And still feel have real reasons to complain.
And I’m not mad, but frustrated. Sad maybe. :pensive:
And last: while staring at the finger, maybe we’ll not see the moon.


Maybe you inverted the terms and should not post a discount after a calm demand.
Even so, I’ll try to :wink: :wink:

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Official support

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I can’t be more grateful on you this time @Tommertom.

We have already visited this page but It seemed to us it was more about service terms than on technical questions. The link from ionicframework main site support section states so:

Using Ionic Services
Have questions about what Ionic has to offer or how to use our services? Ask us about it.

I can’t neither see an option appropriate to a tech question on first dropdown items.

Support section of Ionic main site offers other links more likely to issues, questions or doubts about the tool. We used the most of them: Community Forum, StackOverflow, Bug report, FAQ’s and Resources.

I will keep updated the process with Ionic Official Support resources on the issue being reported and leave “The life without Ionic” post free from off-topic information. If anyone is interested on that progress this is the link to that issue: Ionic View and Ionic DevApp can’t use file and file-path cordova plugins

Hey there! So this thread got busy! :smile:

Just wanted to address some comments made here.

Ionic has this forum and our worldwide Slack channel for support. We are a small team, so we are thankful for our wonderful community members that help out on both. If you find a bug or issue that is not related to using the framework, Github is the correct place to report them. Stackoverflow is also a more community driven effort, and we aren’t able to devote as much time to monitoring posts there as we’d like.

For paid product support, there’s a top level link to the paid support channels,

Now on to the rest of this thread.

As we’ve stated in our most recent blog post, we’ve been spending the last few months rewriting Ionic’s core to use raw web components, so you could use Ionic with Angular, but also frameworks like Vue or Preact.

This means that while we haven’t been pushing 3.x releases, we have still been fixing many bugs and closing outstanding issues as part of 4.0 (which is now in master). This has been the result of many months of hard work to reduce load times, make framework development easier, and open up Ionic to work with more frameworks.

One of the big wins with this, is that performance in apps has significantly improved. This is the result of much smaller code modules, and also faster/lazily loading components out of the box.

This also allowed us to rework our process for managing issues and make sure we’re handling them better. Having a bot mark issues that need a response as “triage” is a way for us to track them better when they come in. We will be devoting some time in the near future to cleaning up issues.

I’m going to lock this as this has gotten off-topic and heated, but if you have concerns with anything I’ve stated please feel free to reach out to me directly at mike at ionic dot io or on the worldwide Slack