The function `onTabDeselected` and `onTabSelected` never get called

and in my controller

.controller('HomeTabCtrl', function($scope) {
  $scope.onTabSelected = function(){
 $scope.onTabDeselected = function(){

the function onTabDeselected and onTabSelected never get called. I think I followed the directions?

I resolved the issue… how do I delete the post?

Hey @aaronksaunders, what ended up being the issue?

scope… the specific controllers for the tabs cannot contain the callback functions, I needed to add a higher level controller to handle the callbacks

The pen is here

I am starting to blog about my experiences is preparation for a workshop on Ionic:

I did notice however, that even in the original example, when you are two levels deep in the home tab and click the home button, it is not removing the back button from the navBar