The best way to open a view using a notification?

Hey you all!

Been working on a new application, and what I’d like to do is the following:
Send a notification -> user opens the notification/app -> open a specific promotional page

Currently configured the Ionic Dashboard push service to send notifications. But I’m not sure whats the correct way to open a view with an notification. I could use a payload using the dashboard and maybe use an switch to check what page it is like:

   payload {
      viewName: "PromotionalPage"

switch ( notification.payload.viewName ) {
   case 'PromotionalPage':

Or should I make use of another service to get the fastest results, or maybe make something myself?

what I’d like to do is just something like this:

.subscribe((notification) => {

any suggestion is appriciated

Has anyone encountered this too?

Kind regards

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