Text to speech with viseme event


I’m wondering, which free text-to-speech I can use for ionic2 android application with “viseme” event handling to use it for animation

Any advice would be helpful

Can you elaborate a bit? First time I hear that name.

Hello, Sujan12

thank you for your answer and sorry for the inaccuracy

A viseme is any of several speech sounds that look the same, for example when lip reading

For example if you are familiar with text-to-speech tool on Microsoft platform you can use it for anthropomorphic models control, event driven animation, games or robotic animatronics

I can’t find any to use it with ionic2 app

Interesting! Thanks for the additional information.

You could include “cordova”, “angular” and maybe even “javascript” or “web” in your search - if something exists for one of those “things” it should be able to be used in an Ionic app somehow.