Text Reflow in Slides

Hi all,

A bit of a theoretical question, but I’d appreciate some ideas for my own learning if anyone is able to help.

I’ve been attempting to automate filling a slider with text. For instance, if I have a txt file with a load of text in it and I want to create multiple slides, filling 100% of a slide at a time (there should be no overflow…). I think I can do this using NgFor although in my tests, I only get some of the text and every slide has the same text in it (rather than continuing from where the previous slide left off).

However, my real goal here is to implement some kind of reflow; ie. for different screen sizes, a different amount of text appears on a slide. For larger screen sizes, more text will appear. My thoughts are that it might be possible to use jQuery to access the DOM to add text into a

selector, but this would likely break the NgFor loop.

I believe this would be a much more user friendly way to address text responsiveness across a large number of screen sizes and would allow for lazy-loading which would speed up my app.

Can anyone shed some light on how I might be able to go about doing this?