Text Input Consistently broken

Across my app my form inputs continually break, when they break they stop accepting input, or if they are catching it they don’t update until a blur action.

Why does ionic break standard stuff like form inputs?

Hey there! So what seems to be the problem?

Could you provide a demo codepen to show this? What version of ionic do you have?

I’m fighting against the same issue at the moment! Experiencing this while testing on android devices when using input[type=“color”], they work and accept input fine, untill some point (it seems random to me).

Using ionic v1.0.0-beta.11 with cordova 3.5.0-0.2.7 over here.

Thought it was just me, and might still be unrelated… No problems for me in common input types, like text, although sometimes I have to tap twice because the focus doesn’t trigger as expected.

@iwantwin have you tried with beta 12 or the nightly builds?

Also, input type color isn’t too well supported.


input type color falls back to default input type text which is good enough for now, later on I will create my own “color picker”, but my users are smart enough to input html color hex for now :smile:

I haven’t tried upgrading just yet, because I’m afraid my customizations might ruin it… Beta12 seems to have implemented some things I made custom in my project. Will try upgrdaing tomorrow and come back to the issue!

Version = “1.0.0-beta.8”

A gif of my problem, though without being able to see my keyboard at work I’m not sure how useful it is. It almost feels like a blur as I have to click back into the input box, however sometimes if I don’t click into the box the input will still update when I manually blur.

Try using the new builds, beta 12 or even the nightly builds. This issue was resolved

K. Will try it and report back if something isn’t broken. Thank you.