Testing the app on device (Iphone) issue

I am building a function that is going to localize where the user is located and I am wondering
if I can test the app on the device (Iphone) after I disconnected it from the computer?

I mean will it runt as it would if I had installed it through apple store or is there a difference? My app did not work this morning when I tried to get it to localize a new city through Googles API and I´m wondering if I have a problem in my code or if this is related to that the app
can´t reload my code when it is not connected since the code is fired every
time on Device Ready?

The code worked when I tried it when it was connected…

I think it’s the exact same behaviour as if you would have installed from app store.
Try to run your application with Xcode, then disconnect your phone (the app should stop), and then start it again.
Works for me