Testing Filetransfer plugin in cordova


How do i test the ionic file-transfer plugin since it is not working while running your your project using ionic serve


Run the app on a device or simulator/emulator and see if it does what you want it to do.


Ohh thanks for that. But right now i don’t have any SDK installed on my computer. Is their a way to install it using cordova or give me step to download it. Thanks in advance


You shouldn’t be using it at all. It’s obsolete and abandoned.


All i need is an emulator then?


The “it” I’m saying you shouldn’t be using is the file-transfer plugin itself, so this whole topic should be moot. See here.


Ooh i think I prefer this. Let me give it a trier


Just that its too complex to implement compared to filetransfer plugin and checking people’s comment, i think its nt stable yet.