Template update problems under Android


I have build an entire application using ionic framework (1.0.0b6). After the login (using $http) it should load up new content loaded from the server.
On iOS loads without any problem, on Android isn’t loading ANYTHING, the template remains unpopulated… seems the bindings aren’t working…
The strange thing is that the Login on Android is working, but when the view should be populated using {{ }} in the template (bindings), isn’t working anymore…

I can’t upload all the app code, but this is happening on any view.
The only error I see in the Android console is

05-27 21:39:18.255: I/chromium(18643): [INFO:CONSOLE(18364)] "TypeError: Cannot call method ‘insertBefore’ of null


Ok, I found all the $resource objects return by services are failing… I don’t know why…


Interesting, can you post a codepen demo? Let’s see what the issue is


Ok, sorry guys, found the problem: It wasn’t about the template updating, neither caused by $response.
It seems $cookies object, under Android, isn’t working properly! I was storing the auth token in $cookies.
I solved it storing the informations in localStorage!


Good to hear, glad you got this resolved :thumbsup: