Template for Nested Sidemenu and loop-populating ion-slides

Hi all,

I’ve been trying quite a while now to implement some features for a client’s app project but have been unable to solve some issues that I’ve run into. As the project is running over scheduled time, I’ve decided to request someone more knowledgeable and experienced than I develop a template I can use to complete the project.

I require a template showing a function that can take content (text and images) from a page.html or local file (perhaps an XML? I’m open to suggestions…) and auto-populate a slider. The slider has to be responsive in that it only populates enough content to match the screen size of the device (the slide should take up 100% of the screen and there should be no scrolling); sort of how iBooks or any ereader app with reflow works.

The second function I require is one that I’ve been trying to do for many months now. I need a nested sidemenu that has links to specific slides within the slider described above. It can be a 2-level nested menu, but I’d prefer a 3-level menu. Please see my old post on this here: Nested Menus using Sidemenu Starter

I have a design spec written up for the job and we can discuss pricing if someone is willing to take this on.

Please note: this is a freelance job.


Please check PM