Tap event blocks scroll update

A core part of my app is the use of a dynamic accordion that provides navigation through about 10 sections worth of data; here’s a demo (with just one such section, “allergies”):

In my app in mobile safari there is a problem if you expand the section and then try to scroll right away. The scrolling gesture seems to block any updates to the scroll length (ie the scrollbar). So you can’t scroll through the content you just expanded. You have to release the gesture, wait a second, and then scroll.

Any ideas for either a fix (updating the scroll length faster), or a workaround? Maybe programmatically setting data-tap-disable on the section content until the scroll length has been updated (not sure how to detect that)?


Your way of resizing is an older method, try this

$scope.section_click = function(section, $event) {
  console.log("clicked ", section);
    $scope.show_section[section] = !$scope.show_section[section];

I think that did it!

I now notice that when I scroll a list and change direction (without lifting the finger at all) the list freezes until I let go. This seems unrelated, is it a known issue? I’m not sure when it started, but happens in beta 4, 5, and 5b.

Hm, I’m not able to reproduce that in that plnkr

Sorry, try now http://plnkr.co/edit/JpkGMVkfl9g9S77TigE6?p=preview It only happens when there is a side menu, and one workaround that seems to work is to disable the drag-content. Note that the sticking happens when you change direction , ie dragging up->down->up or vice versa.