Taking EXISTING Ionic App and Releasing as PWA?

I have an existing dating app type app running on iOS and Android created with ionic. Works great.

Due to changes at Apple, I need to release the app to run through the browser and not as a Cordova app. I need to convert it to a PWA and release it. I’ve done that using the very basic guides here and it doesn’t work.

The app has…
Push notifications
Cordova calls for in app messaging
App Store payment system
Plenty of other Cordova calls
Location services running native/Cordova

How can I take this app and convert it to a PWA in the most simple and direct manner?

Currently I have it running in a browser and a good chunk of it works. But the Cordova calls are throwing errors, location services don’t work, etc.

Anyone here an expert on how to best do this conversion to PWA?

You are probably going to have to lose some of those functions as a PWA, or significantly alter them to work (thinking the payment system). Your best bet would be to do a full inventory of the plugins you use, how they are used and map your replacements. You will find different levels of support for things; e.g. push notifications, so you will need to see if the coverage is good enough for the feature.

Keep us posted on the transition.